June 16, 2016

Start-up Consulting

Entrepreneurship is the core of any economic development as it is the only tool which can reduce unemployment, enhance prosperity and lead to overall development of the economy. In last decade, we have seen youth innovating new ideas and focusing intensively to create Startups like Flipkart, OLA, Snapdel, Paytm, FoodPanda and many more. Howeverthe success rate and possibility of survival is very less in case of startups but if nurtured well, the success ratio can be improved.

TeamServe is a pool of innovators and mature professionals having ability to mentor young minds in order to shape their innovative ideas into a viable business.

Our services related to Startup Consulting are

  • Business Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Prototyping (Minimal Viable Product Development)
  • Prototype Iterating
  • Co-Founder Search
  • Legal mentoring
  • Business Entity Registration
  • Project Financing
  • Strategic positioning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Startup Management
  • Innovative Accounting
  • Compliance Management